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Here to Fall

Role: Generalist


A girl is alone and falling into darkness. A low digital sound grows and deepens. It's a call, her father has connected to her. Through this digital connection, at once remote and intimate, he creates a world for just two of them. The world takes shape around them,evoking the memories and security of a distant past and the chaotic adventure that lies ahead. A new world twists and turns beneath them; there's freedom in running through the huge city just the two of them. A moment of danger in the submerged underworld hints at an unhappy past but its soon dispelled by her guardian. But this presence is also an absence and as she wakes from her fright, her father is already far ahead, leaving her. She understands in an instant, it's all happening again. As she runs to catch him, her surefooted step struggles to find solid ground, the world is collapsing. She is falling again, will she ever stop?- Written by Blacknorth


​I had the pleasure of working on this multiple award winning bafta nominated short close to the end of its production. I was brought in to help revamp and rejig the general look and feel. I was tasked with compositing, rendering, prevising and animating one or two shots.







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