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Animation Showreel

Fairy Magic

Character animation using Softimage. Shown here are a number of character actions that where later repurposed through different rigs.

Note the Sim card rip action seen at the start was mine but not the initial appearance and look around.

Games Showreel 2012 breakdown

DC Universe Online (competition)

Character animation. These are tests to get to work on the final game play. The beginning shows cut scene animation and the later shows character actions looped.


Hector, Badge of Carnage

I was responsible for all the animation and rigging with in the game. Shown here is actual game play nuggets in action. Numerous characters and effects all created in Aftereffects. The end shows in game cut scenes also.


123 Easy

Responsible for rigging and animation of each nugget. Ive included this to help show the range of games I've worked on.


Lifeboat Luke

The game play shown is that of the Flash website game and not of the app as this image may suggest. Though i did work on both, the app games were closer to watching a episode of the show. This shows more of the animation nuggets in action.



Shown is numerous characters and actions all created and rigged in Aftereffects. For this game i created a rigging system to repurpose actions through the numerous characters with differing sizes and shapes.






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